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We're a media company. What more can I say? 

A lot actually. You've never seen media like this --nor cats as cool as us. 



Whatever the occasion, we're here for you. 

We work with movers, shakers, and producers but we also know the need for medial all across the land. 

You there! I bet you run a business! Or a band? Maybe it's your birthday?

You're in the right place.

So whether you're a business owner, an educator, a performer, or the birthday boy:

Have we got a show for you.

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We take work seriously.

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— us, YESTERDAY probably

"The quality and thought that goes into their productions is obvious and much appreciated. They take time to understand what the customer needs and wants."

camp fort hill refreshed their brand:


but don't just listen to us

"Hemlock is fantastic! Their quality is top-notch. They are friendly, down to earth, and always willing to listen to ideas you have, though I recommend trusting their judgement because that's where their creativity really flies!"



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