Because What Are We Without Passion

Even if Hemlock wasn't our full-time job, we would still be creating quietly for ourselves. Creativity is in our bones, and it's been an integral part of our lives since we were kids. But, this is our full-time job, and we still create, except louder and for our community.

We have a long list of ideas we hope to bring to life someday, but here are the ones that breathe on their own already. All of us here at Hemlock Media Co. share a passion for music, art, and the stories of our community and the people that call it home. Share this passion with us, give us new ideas to create, and share these projects with the people you love.

we hope you stay a while and enjoy the view

Motherhouse Music is an exciting collaboration between Hemlock Media Co., Blake Bickel of Dynamic Sound Service, and Tony Mitchell of Texture House. The goal of Motherhouse is to provide a platform for musicians to collaborate with their community and to legitimize the traditionally DIY music scene of Kalamazoo. The Motherhouse Ambient Sessions is a series in which we take musicians to iconic community locations and record one of their tracks live.

Check out Motherhouse at their Youtube channel below.

Motherhouse Music

cultivating homegrown music in a homemade space

J Ludeker

Hemlock master maker

checkout motherhouse

Don't you love the sound of that? Foxwood Studio is a local artisan goods brand run by Haley and her siblings. As a family of artists, it only made sense for them to open their own studio for their work. They focus on making art that gives back to the community around them by donating proceeds of sales to nonprofits. Empowering apparel, terrazzo homegoods, floral resin jewerly --Foxwood focuses on making art for the eco-friendly feminist that feels personal to you.

Shop Foxwood Studio's site at the link below.

Foxwood Studio

handmade by michigan mitts

Haley Labian

Hemlock master maker

shop foxwood studio