Honest and Evergreen

Lifelong Media for Homegrown Businesses

Welcome to hemlock

Honest and Evergreen

Lifelong Media for Homegrown Businesses

Welcome to hemlock


We saw other companies putting work before people, profits over quality, and pride above honesty. We formed Hemlock in order to provide one simple thing: 


We believe in being bold, being brave, and living freely. We are artists, people, and friends to those we work with. Hard work cannot be done without empathy, dessert should always have whipped cream, and any good taco requires onions. These are things we stand by.

Hemlock Media Co. was started as a solution. 

so what do you say? I think we'd make a pretty good team. (cat not included)

It is our goal to tell the stories of our clients with all the honesty, sincerity, passion, and beauty we can summon. We found our beginnings in documentaries and bring the same energy to our client video work, an energy that says:


moving and emotive

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This is our story.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but why so few? When a photo lasts a lifetime, we say that photo should speak the truth, be genuine to you and yours, and serve its function as a part of visual history. The Great Gatsby was 47,094 words. 

We think you deserve even more.


infinite and sincere

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When you make a product, all your love and passion gets packaged up with it. Our product photographs tell your customers everything they need to know and bring with it the brand you built so carefully. You can trust us to take your product family portrait:

Maybe you'll even put it on the mantel.

Product Photography

put your product in the spotlight

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A good design is as artistic as it is informational. When we work on graphics and web, we focus on color, clarity, and brand identity. We are story tellers first and artists second, so you know our creations will never obscure your vision. It’s all about taking your mission and personality to create an emblem of your business that says: 

Here I am!

Graphic + Web Design

build your brand

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We're Hemlock, your new content creation team.

Allow us to part our branches and shine a little light on our quest: Working with tight budgets and helping small businesses thrive is kind of our thing.

We live on passion, so your obsession has our attention. Long days at the shop alone can become long days with us!

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Your new content creation team.

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