Do you need a hand?

Here at Hemlock, we traditionally try to cover the things you can't do yourself. Websites, videos, photos, things that require special equipment. But there's a lot of stuff you need to do that you just don't have time for, or don't know how to do, or you just don't want to.

We've got someone who's going to help you out. Whatever you need taken off your plate, they've got some space left on theirs. Even if it's Brussel sprouts.
(though you should try them fried sometime.)

You're pretty busy aren't you?

This is Brittnay

We don't mind.

She's your new virtual assistant.

Long story short, she can virtually assist you in virtual things you need assistance with. Long story long she can:

schedule meetings, manage your calendar, send emails, manage customer relationships, design presentations, assemble reports, fill out forms, take notes from meetings, manage files, assist with project management, handle basic data entry, manage social media, and she'll learn any special software you require.

I bet she could do even more, maybe you should ask?

Why not just virtually assist yourself?

There's a lot of complicated stuff that comes with running a business. And it gets more complex by the day. Even if you know how to do it all, you probably just can't do it all. 

If you started your business a long time ago, you might be missing out on simple technical and logistical process that could be saving you time and money. Times are changing, but we can help you change with them.

You're spread too thin! plus it can be confusing.

How It Works

You tell us what processes or projects you need assistance with.


We figure out how much time we need to dedicate to these services and figure out a rate for you.


You take a load off, confident that things are getting done quickly and correctly.

finally THIS

Welcome to the internet!
It's crazy out here.

Let's explain a little more how it all works.

In our post-COVID society, we are more online than ever. And we can conduct most of our business online too. 

When you bring us on for virtual assistance, we will handle all of these administrative tasks remotely at whatever capacity you need. We'll charge you a fixed rate by the week or month, or a one time cost if it's a one time job. 

so you can get back to worrying about the big stuff.

Here's how we do it

assess your virtual needs

Tell us a bit about what you need help with, all the way from note taking, to emails, to website management.

create an assistance plan

We'll figure out if it's within the scope of our ability, formulate a strategy to get it done, and approach you with an idea of cost.

we reduce your stress

If everything sounds good to you, then you hand over some of the keys to parts of the castle, and we let you get back to fighting the dragon.

"Hemlock Media is fantastic to work with. They take time to understand what the customer needs and wants."

- camp fort hill | sturgis, MI

Book Your Consultation

For real! Do it!

is that a yes?

We specialize in building brands better. Come hang with us for a little bit --whether online or in person-- and we can give you an idea of the process. We'll even make recommendations in case you're looking for a change, but don't know what you need. 

Come chat with us! We can always find time for you.