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We have curated a selection of packages to serve specific and budget friendly functions for new businesses hoping to begin their brand, or existing businesses looking to build it up.

If you don't see a package that fits what you're looking for, send us a message with your media idea and we'll make it happen. 

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The Seedling package is for those small media jobs.
Simple product photography, a video of your product in the making, or your service in action. Choose from 1 hour of video or 1 hour of photography. You can expect to receive a short video for social media or a collection of edited stills!

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The Sprout offers roughly double the Seedling.
For slightly bigger business needs, longer events, or more creative approaches, the Sprout package will offer more time for us to get the job done. Choose between 2 hours of photography or 2 hours of video. You can expect to receive double the end product of the Seedling package!

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The Sapling package is an entrance to true brand building. We will shoot 3 hours of on set video, 2 hours of on set photography, and 2 hours of studio product photography. Don't need product photography? We can bump that extra photo coverage to on set! You can expect to receive a complete media kick start, with videos for social media and web, photos of your brand in action, and studio stills of your product.

SIGNATURE packages:

just a lil acorn

sprouting up

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The Hemlock package is an all expense paid trip to a shiny new brand. The Hemlock package includes everything from the Sapling package -- plus some extra video-- with the addition of a complete logo and graphic build out, and a custom designed website built with Showit or Squarespace. This package is perfect for anyone starting a new brand or completely relaunching an existing one. It's time to build better.

time to climb on up

a little sunshine

After nearly 100 years, Camp Fort Hill brought their brand to the 21st century.

Between a massive website refresh and some new video and photo content, Camp Fort Hill committed to a journey into modern branding techniques and styles. Even if your brand has worked for you for years, there is value in assessing and reworking your image. 

camp fort hill built a brand on a budget:

Yes, Media Really Can Be This Accessible 

The COVID pandemic forced a lot of concern and required creativity.

Motor Mouth understood the importance of educating a concerned population during a scary time and brought us along to help out. Even when a video is aiming to cover a serious topic, we are still able to deliver an enjoyable and quality product.

motor mouth gained sales during a pandemic:

Media production has become a routine part of maintaining a business.

LFG has always put energy into maintaining their brand. After opening only a few years ago, LFG refreshed their website with a new video banner and some fresh food photos. And it was all done before their doors even opened that day!

lfg gaming bar got content to fill out a full website:

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