Because someone
had to help.

After our own time in the media industry, we realized something.

Small businesses need help, and someone has to do it.

It was difficult where we were to find the time, the budget, or the confidence to fix what we saw in need. So we dove head first:

And flourished into an evergreen.

Come sit in the shade a while.

We are no nonsense --and kind of all nonsense. In the words of The Grand Funk Railroad:

"I don't need a whole lots of money"

We operate smarter, eliminate overhead, and take it upon ourselves to deliver a quality product. Everything is done in house and everything is backed by experience.

We aren't wasteful, we work hard, and we do what needs doing. 

But we also love what we do. And we do it well.

We are trustworthy, kind, and ready to work with you. We are Hemlock.


Helping small businesses thrive. Hard work cannot be done without empathy. Any good taco needs onions. Dessert should always have whipped cream.

we're NOT ABOUT:

Overpriced, inaccessible media for small businesses that need the help. Sure, that's fine for big business, but what about the little guy?


Hanging out with our cats, jamming to our varying tastes in music, and enjoying the best things Kalamazoo has to offer.





arrested development



Introducing J

J Ludeker : cinematographer


J is the camera operator and editor for our video projects. He spends his free time annoying his cats, picking up another new hobby, and forgetting to work on his preexisting hobbies. He really needs to work on his hobbies.

Sprecher's root beer

Cat's cradle by kurt vonnegut

nashville hot chicken

Egospect by sheep, dog & wolf

watching: game of thrones

DRINKING: peach lemonade 

READING: the seven husbands of evelyn hugo

CRAVING: tacos al pastor or nonla burger


listening: dodie, ingrid michaelson, + ben rector


Haley labian : photographer + designer


Haley is the girl behind our photographs and the brain behind our branding and design packages. She’s a dog person who’s had her heart stolen by two cats, doesn’t think soup is a meal, and can most frequently be spotted wearing stripes.





encanto + harry potter




brittnay : virtual assistant guru


Brittnay is the virtual assistant guru on our team. But she doesn't assist us-she assists you! She loves to get drawn into all things to do with beautiful patterns, wonderful people, and can't pass up a good story. She's a wife and girl mama who is ready to help you with all you do. 

a latte-hot or iced

find your unicorn space: reclaiming your creative life in a too-busy world

mexican food

ben rector, gavin degraw, rascal flatts, tauren wells, + taylor swift

Things We Love in Kalamazoo

our happy place!

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Cravings Deli in the Pacific Rim Market. Some of the best food and boba tea you can find in Kzoo!

Our FAVORITE burgers in Kalamazoo. If we had the budget, we'd eat here everyday. Their other restaurants in Mattawan and Schoolcraft are stunners too. 

Things We Love in Kalamazoo

Yeah, we're actually kids in a candy store. Rocket Fizz is the most nostalgic and hype shop in Kalamazoo.

a hidden gem

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Beejoyful Shop-the perfect place to help you be waste free!

FanFare. Board games, DND, and comic books? What more do you need to know?

just give it a click!

All you need to do is reach out. We're ready to work with you on the content you need.

We can do this for your brand too.