We can do it for you.

If you make a product, you need photos of that product. Odds are you're pretty darn busy making that product, though. Let's make a deal:

You give us your product, we photograph that product in a studio environment with a scene that matches your brand, and then we give you those photos. 

We'll even work with your budget to offer solutions that don't break the bank. Sound good?


So what can we do for you? 

Maybe you need a white background? Or a black background? Want us to design a scene to place your product within? Maybe your product is really big, or perhaps really small? 

All the complexities of product photography; all of the things that you've struggled to accurately capture.

For you, I think we can make it happen.


Are you as excited as we are?

How It Works

You tell us about your product and the photos you need.  


You send us the product, or if you're local we pick it up. 


We photograph your product and send you the photos.

finally THIS

Take a look at this photo. That girl knows what she's doing. 

Our photographer Haley is wicked smart and twice as creative. 

She has nearly a decade of experience, a college education, and all the high quality tools required to take great photos. 

There is no task too great --nor subject too feline-- for our girl.

here's why you should trust us

She didn't even have to write this herself. That's just how good she is.

Here's what you'll need

a product you're proud of

Don't worry about props or backdrops, we've got you covered! Of course, if you'd like to include a specific prop you own, send it along with your product.

a place to share your photos

Instagram, Facebook, a website, an old family photo album. Doesn't matter to us! Whatever the gallery, we will provide the proper canvas. 

a Little peace of mind

You're in good hands, so when the work day is done, you can rest easy knowing your product is being given the VIP treatment. We've got it covered.

"Hemlock is fantastic! They did some photo/video work for my business and the quality is top notch."


Professionally lit product photos of all the goods you send our way.

How does this sound?

Lifestyle photos of your images to use on social media, advertisements, Pinterest --you name it.



what you'll get out of working with us:

The option to do quarterly product shoots at a discounted yearly rate --so you'll always have new images for each season.


High resolution, digital files with complete usage rights. Lifetime resizing service also included --for those pesky website uploads.


A local media company in your back pocket for any future media needs!


We specialize in building brands better. Come hang with us for a little bit --whether online or in person-- and we can give you an idea of the process. We'll even make recommendations in case you're looking for a change, but don't know what you need. 

Come chat with us! We can always find time for you.

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so what do you say?