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We want your brand to be iconic. Literally, it needs an icon. Maybe even a few. We've got you covered; whether you're looking for a logo, iconography for your website, or even a website itself. You can trust us, after all:

We made everything you're looking at right now.

When it comes to brand creation, we've jumped the hurdles, made our way through the hoops, even had a perfect 10 landing. But we found a shortcut for you.

Looking to launch, build, or refresh a brand?


For real, let us handle it.

Why pick us? Why not do it all yourself? 

There are a lot of tools available today that can help you make a website yourself, get a logo for cheap, or even design one yourself. But we'll tell you a secret:

It is worth it to outsource this one. 

Graphic and web design are both complicated, even with all the new tools. Do you know what DPI means? I don't. That's why Haley does the logos. 

How It Works

Tell us what you need. Website, logo, icons for a menu, whatever your wish list may be.


Work shop your vision with us. Tell us what colors, what style of font, what you need on your website.


Pick from a couple rough ideas before we blow your mind with a beautifully built brand.

finally THIS

We've got education, experience, and tools. Let me tell you all about it. 

so why is it better for us to build your brand?

The words you're reading are written by J, the colors and graphics are all Haley magic.

We collaborate on your brand, because two people thinking about a thing are better than one person thinking about that thing. We even coined that phrase. 

Your brand has never been in better hands.

Here's how we do it

Tell us about yourself

How did you start your brand? Where do you want your brand to go? Tell us all about the vibes you like.

Tell us what we can do for you

We need to know what services you need. If you need even just one logo, we can hook you up. If you need a ton of help, we can do that too. 

tell us you love your new brand

Or give us some feedback so we can make sure your brand is exactly as you envisioned. We can handle criticism, I promise. 

"Hemlock Media is fantastic to work with. They take time to understand what the customer needs and wants."

- camp fort hill | sturgis, MI

A professional and unique logo that portrays your brand and scales well. 

Here's the plan

Stylized icons for you website, social media, menu, and online shop.



what you could get out of working with us:

A curated guideline of fonts, colors, and aesthetics to use with social media and future projects. 


A high quality website to match the look of your brand complete with e-commerce solutions, SEO, or anything else you need.


A local media company who knows your brand inside and out for the next time you need content!


Book Your Consultation

For real! Do it!

is that a yes?

We specialize in building brands better. Come hang with us for a little bit --whether online or in person-- and we can give you an idea of the process. We'll even make recommendations in case you're looking for a change, but don't know what you need. 

Come chat with us! We can always find time for you.