A Recipe to Flourish

The Sprout package is roughly double the Seedling package.

Finding that you need a little more than a Seedling can offer? The Sprout package offers a little more to serve your media needs. You'll receive 2 hours of our time --on set or in studio-- to create a media solution that suits your growing brand.

We've built in editing time and a few other additional costs so you won't be surprised by the invoice.

What You'll Get

4 hours of professional editing



What you'll walk away with if you book a sprout package

20 photos or a 45 second video


all of this at only $370

2 hours of on-set photography or video, or in-studio product photography

This Package is Right for You If:

You have a family of new products that needs photography or video support.




You have a longer event that needs to be documented with photo or video.

You have a more complex process or service you would like to share with your social media followers.

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