Collaboration at the Core of Everything

When we started Hemlock, we understood that having a strong team with complimentary skills was essential. Haley would handle photography and design, J would handle videography and writing. 

But what about someone to help our clients tackle the logistical difficulties of running a business? What about two people to do just that?

Though we maintain statuses as separate businesses, Hemlock Media Co is proud to partner with Kalamazoo consulting firm Room 35. No matter your needs, we've got the right person for the job.

We bring the rising tide, you bring the ships.

Joshua has spent the last several years working with entrepreneurs in the West Michigan area, assisting with capital, strategy, manufacturing, and marketing. With his help, local businesses have grown their revenue, streamlined production, and boosted their brand. Donovan has spent years consulting with hundreds of clients on finances and future aspirations. Through his natural creativity and his ability to manage client relations, he has helped turn operating businesses into thriving ones. Together they form Room 35, a Kalamazoo based consulting firm that can help make your vision a reality. 


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