And boy do we know our words.

We know we're a little goofy and we try not to take ourselves too seriously, but we understand the power of language.

Beyond your visual language, what you say and how you say it is the most important aspect of your brand. 

Communicating the tangible and philosophical composition of you is no small task --not to mention we only have 26 characters to do it. So come and right a poem with us.

words. the Language of language.


Your message matters.

Hi. It's me. You.

People want to know you. They demand it actually. But who are you? How do you sound? We know the answer.

The words you use, the way you say them, the way you say "baller" a little too much. We notice it and we incorporate it into your brand's language.

Across web, social, print, and the bottles you send across the sea, we we will deliver an undiluted, unfiltered --slightly filtered-- you.

Who would need copywriting services?

There's plenty of reasons someone might need copywriting services and most of them aren't "because they're a bad writer".

Copywriting takes time and many business owners don't have that kind of time. It can also be difficult to distance yourself from your business enough that you're able to speak objectively about it. 

Your brand is your baby and sometimes it can be hard to say good, factual things when you're the one who changes its diaper.

people who move fast or type slow. and some other folks.

How It Works

Tell us about the kind of copywriting you need, such as for your website or social media.


We'll work shop your brand voice with you and then you'll give us the raw information you want included.


We get to work writing something authentically you, but complete it with Hemlock flourishes.

finally THIS

I'm kind of like a parrot,
except I have better handwriting. 

why should you trust me to talk like you?

You're talking to me right now. This is the way I write a text, say hello to a friend, and email clients. And I am attentive.

My English teachers were fond of me, not because I used big words or had perfect grammar, but because I used my voice. And now I'll use yours. And I'll have decent grammar. And I'll use big enough words.

like granular. That is a good word.

Here's how we do it

assess your current copywriting

What copywriting do you currently have? How does it sound, what information does it portray? Most importantly, are you happy with it?

nail down your brand voice

Whether you have an existing brand voice or not, we'll need to figure out how you want to sound. Don't worry though! We'll workshop this together.

we amaze you with our skills

Or you give us some feedback so we can make sure your brand sounds exactly how you wanted. We are big girls now and big girls don't cry.

"Hemlock Media is fantastic to work with. They take time to understand what the customer needs and wants."

- camp fort hill | sturgis, MI

Book Your Consultation

For real! Do it!

is that a yes?

We specialize in building brands better. Come hang with us for a little bit --whether online or in person-- and we can give you an idea of the process. We'll even make recommendations in case you're looking for a change, but don't know what you need. 

Come chat with us! We can always find time for you.