Established in 1928, Camp Fort Hill has been an outdoor staple for St. Joseph County. But even in the wild woods, you need a connection to the wide web. Camp Fort Hill asked us to produce some content for their winter event  and even though the air was chilly, the hearts of dozens of patrons were warmed by hot chocolate, live music, rope making, and tractor rides. Even in the cold Michigan winters, media keeps moving and its important to us as a company that we're willing to bundle up and get to work. 

It's important to get out and explore every once in a while, why not fill your feed with more nature?

Camp Fort Hill

20th century cabins, 21st century media

Photography, videography, website design.

Haley Labian, J Ludeker

scope of work

creative team

"In working with Hemlock Media Co., I hoped to gain a more modern, interactive website that was aesthetically pleasing for viewers. I also hoped for Camp Fort Hill to come alive through the website via quotes, photos, and the quality of information provided. Hemlock Media Co. has surpassed our expectations and we are extremely grateful for such a transformative experience."

camp fort hill refreshed their brand:

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